You want to get back control of your heart, live a life you love, increase your happiness and fulfil your soul-purpose...

I cut through the noise and show you how to make it happen.

Ready to get that heart back under control & fast-track your way back to a stronger 'You'?

TheBreakup Action-Plan Packagehas everything you need to kickstart your recovery, and get yourself back up and running again!

You’re a loving, soul-driven woman, but your pursuit of happiness has hit a massive road-block...A relationship breakup has left you feeling alone, back at ‘square one’, and wondering if that dream life will ever come true.

You feel emotional, confused, and heart-broken with no idea how to make the pain stop - all the while the world around you continues to move on as if nothing has happened. Their life goes on, while the rug has been pulled out from under you.

You think there’s no end in sight for how much you hurt right now, no arms you can fall into, and no ear that will listen long enough for you to truly explain the roller-coaster of emotions you feel without judgement, or a watch...

You’re ready to make the pain stop; to know how to deal with things confidently and independently like you usually do.

You’re ready to find the meaning and purpose of your relationship, and that greater love is still on its way.

You’re excited to believe that the dream you had for how your life would turn out is still out there waiting for you!


Imagine having someone to talk to that knows how you're feeling, can put it in perspective and show you the way through it?



Hey, I’ve been exactly where you are & fought my way out the other side, and I’m telling you - your dream life of love and abundance is still within reach!

I’m a successful breakup recovery & business coach, and I’ll help you take back control of your mind, heart and pursuit of happiness!

You’ll learn the exact things you need to do to stop feeling so crappy and start loving your life again.

You’ll also rebuild that beautiful heart and mind of yours to take each day with power and confidence.

When we’re done, you’ll feel empowered, enlightened and excited to find yourself again.



  • A clear, strategic plan of action to get your confidence back.
  • Why you feel the way you do, and how to make it better
  • The benefits in what's happened, and how it will help you in the future.
  • That the BEST is yet to come - yes, that means more love is on the way!
  • How to feel excited about your life again!

But more than just wishy-washy 'feel-good speak', I actually want to SHOW YOU HOW TO DO IT, step-by-step, for the times you really need it, be it a 'dooner day' at home, or braving it out and about.


That’s why, when you grab THE BREAKUP ACTION-PLAN PACKAGE, you'll receive:

> MY FIRED-UP FOUNDATION-BUILDER; an all-important diagnostic tool to understand your situation and exactly where you want to get to, to live your best life.

> 2 X PRIVATE ONE-ON-ONE COACHING SESSIONS; a tailor-made 90min strategy-packed Skype session and 30min follow-up that will take you from down-n-out to powered-up and ready to take back control.

> MY PROVEN STEP-BY-STEP 'HONOUR' FORMULA for taking your recovery and spiritual growth to the next level

> YOUR OWN PERSONALISED RECOVERY ACTION-PLAN, to get you back on your feet, back in control of the emotional ‘roller-coaster’, and charging towards an empowered future.

 > THE BREAKUP MATE GUIDE TO HEARTBREAK HAZARDS; a handy on-the-go pocket guru to tell you all about common obstacles we come up against in breakups, and HOW to get over them.

Finally! The step-by-step roadmap you’ve been looking for!

You can finally offload the emotions, worries, and ‘what-if’ questions that’ve been building up and get some real solutions that will help you NOW.

Whether you have just broken up, or it’s been a while; you were together for decades, or only a few weeks this package shows you exactly what to do, when to do it and more;

I will get you back to building your soul-driven, 'Beyonce-livin’' life with confidence, fun and excitement!



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