Tame Your Heart’s Rollercoaster

Chapter 2 : How to find immediate relief 30mins

This chapter presents the most efficient way to ‘snap-back’ from the ride, where you learn all about grounding yourself in the present.

Step 1 : Find a space & take 3 deep breaths

Choose somewhere out of the way that you can do this activity without interruption. Then breathe in and out deeply. 

Step 2 : Activate the senses

Start with your eyes. Conciously choose something in your immediate surroundings that you can see, and name it out loud. Eg. ‘Air-conditioner’, ‘window’, or ‘table’. Then do the same for each of the other senses (sound, taste, touch, smell).

Step 3 : REPEAT

Keep repeating step 2 until you feel calm; It will slowly bring your mind back to your present environment and will allow those chaotic chemicals to calm down enough for you to think clearer.