Tame your Heart’s Rollercoaster 30 minutes

For too long we’ve had to needlessly suffer after breakups; learn what we are doing to turn that around and how we can help you!


Audio version

Chapter 1 : Your Brain is in 'Survival Mode'!

Chapter 1 gives you the 411 on what the rollercoaster is and just how it comes about in our brain…chemicals, and reactions and ‘sneaky-cave-bitches’ oh my!


Chapter 2 : How to find immediate relief

This chapter presents the most efficient way to ‘snap-back’ from the ride, where you learn all about grounding yourself in the present.


Chapter 3 : Forging long-term relief forever-ever!

Learning how to deal with all those niggly-issues causing you strife will create lasting benefits and make you stronger in the long-run. Chapter 3 will show you how!


Chapter 4 : Anticipating the sneaky rollercoaster

Prevention is better than a cure! If you’re worried about if and when the ‘lows’ may come along, learn how to optimise your mind and self for awesome days ahead.


Chapter 5 : BONUS

Learn about my crazy-but-just-might-/-actually-does-work method for creating drama-free days, along with growing strength and confidence.


Chapter 6 : Wrap-up to go!

Bring all that knowledge together in one epic breakup-recovery burrito for you to hit the ground running. #NOMNOMNOM


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