Recovery Roadmap
Stage #6: Revolution!

Welcome to the Revolution baby, and congrats on your recovery so far! We recommend you start with this stage to super-size your life going forward and make the most of both your outstanding progress and your epic dreams for how you want your life to be!

About the ‘Revolution’ stage

If you are at this stage you are prepared to put what you know into practice and begin to build the life you have dreamt of with knowledge, power, and confidence behind you! Maybe you want to build a business, become financially independent and free; or maybe it’s travelling or super-sizing that career…maybe, just maybe, it’s even getting back out in the dating game – EVERY possibility is within your grasp as long as you want it, and are willing to work for it.

Up to now, you will have learned the essentials to understanding your past, releasing pain, and embracing everything your life experience has brought you so far. You know how to prepare for challenges, and are ready to give everything you’ve got to your new life – one that will be full of excitement, love, and abundance…Why? Because you will make it so. No more living in the shadow of others, or under the illusion that it isn’t possible. You create the narrative and you decide who and what gets to stay in your life.

Revolution is both about the idea of change for good, and beginning again. Lord/Beyonce knows you have been through a lot, and none of that will have been for nothing. Everything you experience in this life, everyone you meet and every place you go has meaning; and it is all part of the story of how you got to this moment and the wonderful story of ‘You’. Now is the time to bravely step into the future knowing you can survive, knowing you can thrive, and knowing that you are both worthy and unstoppable. Take your newly-designed self and jump on in!

Now is the time to implement the dreams you have in place – and even solidify what those dreams even are. You have full permission to embrace the life of your dreams, and you will have all the help you need to practically and psychologically do so. Whether it’s career, finances, a new vocation, dating, starting a business – whatever…you will be able to plan and begin to forge your new path. Embrace whatever tips, tricks, strategies and tools to you find to help you create your plan and achieve what you want to achieve…

Enough of thinking that powerful transformation and enjoying the #sweetlife is for everyone else – it’s for you too, by virtue of the fact that you are listening to me now! It is not a coincidence that you have taken this leap of faith. You are in the right place for what you need right now, and yes it is time!

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