Recovery Roadmap
Stage #3: Namaste

This stage is about overcoming adversity using one of, if not the most, powerful tools of transformation you can have. It allows you to benefit from any situation, good or bad; to grow your spiritual resonance and connection and provide meaning to any experience or person you encounter. It is a true catalyst of happiness!

About the ‘Namaste’ stage

This stage is for those looking to find meaning and purpose to the challenges you have faced, and also to understand the actions of those around only as far as you need for you to find closure. You will already have a secure environment to heal (or know how to create a secure and safe environment for yourself as you go), and you will have enough understanding around how to be judgement-free, patient and kind to yourself when it comes to your emotions. The Namaste stage will help you to properly deal with and process the emotions and unresolved issues that come forward.

Namaste is a sanskrit word, with my favourite translation being ‘the light in me, acknowledges the light in you’. Often this can be equated with the idea of gratitude, however this is not the kind you find on the side of a mug from typo or Officeworks! This is at a deep level, that recognises we are all one and from the same source; and that source is true, universal love.

So often we roam around this old terra firma with our hearts and minds focused on progress, building and growing in every aspect of our lives, particularly in the West. However what so often gets left out is the need to connect to one another, not only as friends, family, or lovers; but as true soul beings who are all working to make our spiritual resonance higher and closer to God (or whoever your higher power is). This also includes the connection with our inner selves, who are desperately reaching out to guide and support you.

What many don’t realise is that we are all inherently good, and all seek peace and happiness in our souls. Where we come apart is disconnecting with our true spiritual path, and understanding that we are all equal; our ego takes over in the form of fear, envy, thinking we are less than, or more than. The reality we project onto the world, (like the lens we see the world through) is determined by our inner thinking and perception of our ‘value’.

Things that can affect our value include the way other people treat us, how much we take on society’s idea of what is valuable, and accepting the word of those we trust. For example, being told we aren’t good enough, we aren’t thin enough, not white enough, not rich enough, not ‘normal’…these negative concepts can leave a lasting memory on our bodies and minds.


We can choose to accept what is their reality…or we can choose to accept our own.

If someone treats us badly, it is not that we are worthy of such treatment; it is a person in fear lashing out because of their own negative experience…

If someone leaves us, it is not that we are less, the person is just looking for their truth.

If we experience something painful, what can we learn from the experience to make the most of it and become stronger and more knowledgeable?

 I absolutely hate a wasted opportunity, and that is exactly what Namaste teaches us to recognise…the light in others, the light in ourselves, and the light in any experience to help us benefit from it. There is no loss in your life; there is only opportunity, and that is what this stage is all about helping you to realise.

You know you will be ready to move on to the next stage when you understand these principles in your own life and have a grasp on how to implement them yourself. Again, this is an incredibly powerful and transformative tool, and one of the best ways to turn things around for yourself after a breakup. Once you master this, you will have a strong footing for creating the truly abundant, exciting and love-filled life you want to create!

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