You’re a loving, soul-driven woman, but your pursuit of happiness has hit a massive roadblock…

A relationship breakup has left you feeling alone, back at ‘square one’, and wondering if that dream life will ever come true. You question the confidence of your decisions, you question your own value, and you question the purpose for carrying on if something you gave everything to, still didn’t ‘work’. Ultimately, you wonder if it’s even possible for you to have your dream life at all!

Hey, I’ve been exactly where you are & i’m telling you – it’s totally possible to have your dream life!

I’m a successful breakup recovery & business coach, and I help women who are ready to take back control of their pursuit of happiness. They’ve put their heart and dreams on the line, and have taken every knock you can imagine. I help them rediscover their soul-purpose, and show them the steps to build the financial and emotional stability to embrace and enjoy it!

I thought my life would be like a romantic comedy…

…I would have a kick-ass job as a curator, a stunning warehouse-style apartment and a partner who was handsome, kind, caring and my soulmate. I felt like this was exactly what the future held, and I would be successful, happy and content…No sweat, right?!

Oh how the Universe had different plans for me: I failed my first go at getting into art school, and got booted out almost at the end just after my beloved father passed away; I had a massive student loan debt, and despite my eventually becoming a curator it never actually eventuated into full-time employment, so I started temping in Government; I was overweight, which anyone with experience of this will know that people are not always kind. And while there were a few guys along the way, ultimately they all ended the same – I was “the girl for right now, not the girl for forever”….

So when a handsome, funny and intelligent guy came along who wanted to be with me it was like things were finally back on track; he had his shit together, talked about love and future plans with me and it felt like I had finally found my soulmate.

 Things were blissfully fantastic –  at first…#alltheredflags

We met each other’s parents, he’d take me on romantic getaways for the weekend and we moved in together very quickly. It was like he read my mind, and wanted nothing but to be with me and see our lives grow together. It was during this time that I also started to notice the little ‘red flags’:

…a little put-down here, an ‘are you really wearing that?’ there, and an almost frenzied need to be intimate all the time…all things I knew were not what I would normally stand for, but I didn’t want to break the spell – ‘Is this little thing worth giving up this relationship for???’

This is how it went on for almost three years, and by that stage the ‘little things’ had become standard and more darker things emerged; daily put-downs (“for my benefit”), gaslighting, and threatening to leave me if my body wasn’t available for him to use…even if it hurt. 

And yet I somehow couldn’t find the courage to leave, or look beyond that ‘soulmate facade’;

“Things will get better” I would tell myself.

Then your world comes crashing down around you…

It all came to a head on what was to be a month-long holiday with his family in Italy.

Every put-down about my weight I was to take with laughter; every request to become more feminine and obliging to be taken as an order, and despite having a broken hip from his sexual assault on me (I told everyone it was a ‘pilates injury’), I was to “stop being a wet-blanket and be more happy like you used to be!” One afternoon when his family were out, and we were alone he instructed me to get undressed and on the bed…and I said no.

Within an hour, I was told everything vile he had ever thought about me and promptly ousted out of the relationship, the home we shared and his life. On the trip I thought would be the making of us, I found myself alone, dragging my luggage down the cobblestoned street and standing on the platform of the train station. I was broke, physically broken, ashamed and devastated; the soulmate I thought I had didn’t want me anymore – and if my soulmate didn’t want me, then who on Earth would.

I walked up to the platform edge, looked at the express train coming towards me and thought ‘all I need to do to stop this gut-wrenching pain is take one step forward, and I never have to feel anything ever again’.

Rome Italy

But that wasn’t the end for me; only the beginning of an epic transformation and journey!

I decided then and there that I would no longer be the pawn of other’s lives but the hero of my own! Through all of the heartache and fear, I knew that I was done giving control to others in the hope that they’d be my saviour, and I had to take charge and responsibility – starting with my breakup.

I worked tirelessly researching why I felt the way I did, and developing a way to get through it and reclaim my self-worth and love – for life, for my dreams, and for myself. I taught myself how to understand pain, learn from it, and use the ‘gold’ to make myself stronger, smarter and wiser; and how to rebuild the crumbled dreams into sky-high ambitions the likes of which I never EVER thought I could aspire to, but now live every day!


I believe we are each born to do incredible things on this planet, and we all deserve meaningful lives and fulfilling relationships. Breakups can make an extraordinary being question whether they are worthy or capable of either of these things; THAT is the real heartbreak, and that is why I chose the path I am on now; to understand, learn and pass on the gold.

Where I am today…

Today I get to teach women all around the world those very same lessons that brought me back from the edge, and empower them with the tools they need to be the hero of their own stories.

I LOVE my work as a relationship and business coach, and every day I’m thankful for the opportunities I have to make a tangible difference in my clients’ lives, and #plot-twist, feels like the path I was meant to be on all along! And i’m not gonna lie, being free from the restraints of the 9-5 work life and being completely in control of my own path feels pretty damn good too…Sometimes the worst times in our lives are the birth of a completely new and powerful journey; make the most of it, and empower yourself!

I would LOVE to hear your story, 

and to see how I can help you on your journey…

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