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From our #hybcommunity

“What a fantastic journey this has been! Thank you for your amazing help and support, and I have learned so much about life and myself. I truly feel like I have healed so much faster than I have before and it is all down to your amazing program. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! xxx”

Carolina C., NY, USA

“It was so great to get out and connect with women who have many of the same feelings, emotions, and thought processes as you do! It really is sooooo comforting! I’d recommend you in a heartbeat…Thank YOU!!!!”

Lauren K., Melbourne AUS

“This is actually the best program I have done. I’m half way there and learning more about myself than I ever thought possible. If anyone is going through a breakup, recently or a while ago, and need perspective, clarity and help rebuilding, I cannot recommend Leah Sheppard enough #honouryourbreakup”

Lisa M., VIC Australia

“One chat with Leah whilst going through a breakup and I felt better. In fact, what I learnt in that chat has helped me with my relationships going forward. I will (and do) recommend you to many. Thank you Leah.”

Lucy G., QLD Australia

“I want to say a BIG HUGE THANK-YOU not only for allowing me to participate in such a beautiful experience with like-minded women, but also for extending your insane generosity to all of us…
I still can’t comprehend the amount of kindness and hospitality you have shared!!!!!”

Stephanie R., Victoria, AUS

“I SO enjoyed yesterday’s event; it was awesome, very therapeutic and really nice to meet some like-minded women!!”

Jodie A., Reservoir VIC

“You are absolutely amazing, Leah. I have loved working with you and Honour Your Breakup and I feel a million times better from when we first met. I now have proper tools and strategies to work with and it’s all because of you! Thank you so much!!”

Barbara T., Perth AUS

“Could never thank you enough for your time, Leah, I had a blast with you! Thank you for genuinely helping me out in a tough period of my life. I feel so much more confident in all areas but especially my studies and relationship status. You’re a gem and I will definitely be back in the future for more words of wisdom. thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Nicola J., WA Australia

The benefits of the Honour Your Breakup approach:

Clarity & Understanding

We are all capable, independent human beings…the trouble is, a breakup makes us doubt this and more…

Knowing what is going on in that big, beautiful brain of yours can absolutely turn the healing game on its’ head! We make it an absolute foundation stone of what we do at Honour Your Breakup to help women understand why they feel the way they do, and how to hack their recovery in the most efficient and effective way possible. 


Sure-fire tools & strategies

You can’t get fixin’ if you ain’t got the tools or know-how!

We have taken successful, tried and true approaches from a whole range of industries to give you the best possible chance to recover like an absolute hero…From deconstructing your emotional situation to rebuilding your new, empowered and vision-lead life, we believe in giving you the best tools and the right strategies for you to succeed.


Your own powerful transformation

Breakups are one of the greatest opportunities for phenomenal transformation you will ever get; and it is our heart-felt passion to see you through it!

We don’t just believe in surviving a breakup; we believe in using it as a catalyst for you to become your true, soul-driven being – living the life your sassy, three-year-old, born-to-be-fabulous self always thought you would. You’ve had more than enough pain and heartache; now is your time to step into the life your were BORN to live! 


A growing sisterhood of like-minded souls!

Your soul-network is your hearts’ net-worth!

We are all soul-driven, proud, and independent women, who have all evolved to need the safety and energy of unified support – embrace it! At Honour Your Breakup we recognised the need for women to have a healthy, positive and supportive network of like-minded souls to help nourish and uplift each other. We are so proud to host our growing world-wide community of empowered heroes, and we can’t wait to welcome more into the fold!  


There are 6 key components to a fast and effective breakup recovery:

Stage 1: Haven

Creating a safe and nourishing physical, emotional and spiritual environment helps to fast-track your healing, and feeds the soul with positivity and inspiration.

Stage 2: Open

Knowing how to identify what you are feeling, where it is coming from, and when to release it is absolutely key to a firm recovery.

Stage 3: Namaste

Gratitude is more than being happy with your lot in life…it is about teaching yourself that every experience in your life (good and bad) has something AMAZING to offer you; you just need to find the gold in it!

Stage 4: Order

Your life, your rules! This is where you get those pesky emotional rollercoasters back under control, with real-world tools and strategies to become the boss of your own journey!

Stage 5: Unique

Unapologetic, all-embracing and a force to be reckoned with…Take the new, experienced, learned, and inspired ‘You’ and cast a vision for your life that excites and drives you!!! 

Stage 6: Revolution

Both a regeneration, and call-to-arms, your revolution begins! You will forge a path into the future that suits the strong, powerful, independent and passionate being you truly are. Love, abundance and meaningful happiness are all on the horizon – time to go get it!

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Take our quiz, and based on your results we’ll give you a game plan for beginning your epic breakup recovery and abundant, exciting and love-filled life!

Welcome to the revolution friend, we salute you!

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