Honour Your Breakup Membership Site Coming Soon!

The community for independent women who want to be their own heroes after heartbreak

We all know that any given day, we can take care of our own business; we plan the future,  juggle endless responsibilities, and forge a path towards our vision of happiness…But sometimes, that rug just gets pulled right out from under us.

The brain-child of Relationship coach Leah Sheppard, Honour Your Breakup is here to help you get back up, dust your shoulders off and hit the ground running on your dream life – empowered with knowledge, resources and a community of like-minded women to have your back.

Welcome to the revolution friend, we salute you!

After 5 years of coaching women all around the world to reclaim their strength, confidence and excitement for life, I am SO proud to bring you our brand new HYB Membership. You will gain access to our very best resources, methodologies and know-how; and tap into a global network of women just like you!